What to Look For in an Electric Device?

The Oppo F11 Pro has been out of the market for quite some time now. It was one of the earliest smartphones that came with a dual camera set up. The advanced imaging system and various other features have made the Oppo a popular handset among the youngsters. This is the reason that it is still out of the price range for many people, even though the new models are coming out regularly in the market.

The Oppo F11 Pro now comes for a discounted rate in India. The smartphone is available starting from Rs 14,000 for the basic variant of 6GB & 64GB internal storage, while the 128GB variant is also priced at attractive rates. The smartphone has a 5.5 inch Full HD+ screen and is powered by MediaTek Helio X10 octa-core processors. There are various other interesting features such as the extended memory space, metal body, notification LED, MMS and Bluetooth aptache.

The Oppo F11 Pro comes with two sims, one for prepaid and another for postpaid plans. The two sims differ in the way they work. For the prepaid plan, the user can buy credits to use the phone and these are accumulative. The balance in the bank account gets reduced each time the credits are used and after a certain limit, the user gets charged full. This works similar to debit cards in many respects.

The oppo f11 pro has an octa-core mobile processor that is a mix of ARM-processor and the PowerVR SGX4. The android interface allows the users to access the system and enjoy the features of the phone. The GPU of the phone comes with support for texture mapping, video decode and encode, bit rate encoding/ decoding and image processing. The device also offers fast connectivity as it supports GSM /GPRS networks that are common in most countries across the world.

With regard to the camera, the Oppo F11 Pro has an eight mega pixel rear camera that is supported by an auto-focus. The images captured by the camera come out very sharp. The camera also supports image stabilization and has four different modes of recording namely, Mini, Slow motion, High definition video recording and Super slow motion. The Oppo F11 Pro also features a wide variety of photographic features including; manual, automatic image stabilization, manual focus, geo focus, digital zoom and panoramic. Furthermore, the phone offers users the facility of editing facilities including, crop, change colour, red eye reduction, night time mode, image flip effect and others. The phone offers the user the facility of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and also features a USB cable that helps in connecting the handset to a computer or laptop.

The Oppo F11 Pro comes with a unique pop-up selfie camera which allows the user to take a great image with all the necessary props. This unique feature of the camera enables the user to get all sorts of shots like changing the subject or pets. Furthermore, the device also offers the facility of 3D scanning. The memory of the Oppo F11 Pro has been upgraded from the older version which has got the Plus storage. This has helped in improving the speed of the internal memory of the gadget. This makes the device perfect for individuals who love downloading games and other high-end entertainments.